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The era of peeling beans manually or with unconventional equipment is over! LACHI beans peeler is an innovative, revolutionary beans peeling machine for homes, hotels, and restaurants that desire and promote healthy living through consumption of delicacies made from peeled beans, but want to eliminate the stress and reduce the time involved in peeling the beans.

There is currently no suitable method or device for peeling beans and separating the hulls (skin of the beans) from the peeled beans in domestic or home applications. Many times peeling of beans manually leaves one wondering if all the work was worth the effort. Since peeling the entire outer skin of the beans is a step many deem essential in the pursuit of making different delicacies that encourage the consumption of beans, it therefore becomes virtually mandatory to find a way to perform the task in an almost effortless manner.

LACHI Beans Peeler provides the solution and is useful in every home, restaurants, and hotels where recipes made from peeled beans are enjoyed e.g. moi moi, akara, and gbegiri, made from black-eyed beans and red beans, popular in Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, and African counties; lentil soup made from lentil beans popular in India and Asian countries; mung bean cake made from mung beans popular in China; humus made from chickpeas (garbanzo beans) popular in the Middle Eastern countries; soymilk made from soya beans, popular worldwide.

It saves time, saves effort, it is compact and portable, and promotes eating fresh. Consumption of legumes helps maintain good health and a balanced diet since it is rich source of protein. Legumes are digested slowly, which helps keep blood glucose stable, and may curtail fatigue and irritability.

With LACHI Beans Peeler, it’s Healthy Meals…… STRESS FREE.

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